We are your trusted partner in Child Care

The Child Care Purchasing Alliance (CCPA) was formed to help child care centers across America purchase their products and services at the most competitive prices possible. The CCPA is the first child care focused purchasing alliance to offer its members the opportunity to save money by purchasing as a group, and be an advocate and resource for them. At the CCPA we realize that our members are the experts in child care, but operating a successful child care center in today’s environment requires time, money and resources that most businesses just can’t spare.

That’s where we come in!

The Child Care Purchasing Alliance was formed by partners with over 80 years of experience in purchasing, operations management, supply management, facility management, contract negotiation, finance, healthcare and most importantly, customer service. We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to support you in your efforts to take care of the children and employees at your facility. We appreciate the opportunity to help you obtain the best products and services available at the best price. Our goal is to be your partner in improving child care across the United States.

We give back!

Our goal at CCPA is to not only save child care centers money, but also to provide resources back to the centers throughout the United States. At CCPA, we will donate a percentage of every purchase back to programs focusing on child care and education. We are committed to being a leader in promoting the success of America’s children.