1. What is the Child Care Purchasing Alliance?
    • The Child Care Purchasing Alliance is an organization that manages a group of dedicated vendor partners who provide products and services to the child care industry. Every vendor partner within CCPA is committed to affording child care centers across the United States the best value regardless of their size.
  2. How do you choose which products and services to offer?
    • Members of CCPA have actually chosen the products and services we offer. By continuously gathering feedback from our members across the country, we have negotiated programs to save you money on the products and services you use the most. We continue to add new products and services based on your feedback and through special offers presented to us by our vendor partners.
  3. How do you choose your vendor partners?
    • We choose our vendor partners not only for their willingness to offer great prices, but for their commitment to excellent customer service and ability to service you regardless of your size or location.
  4. What do you mean by ‘Best Value’?
    • It is becoming increasingly difficult to evaluate products and services and identify which ones are the best buy. Many vendors purposely make this evaluation as difficult as possible, especially when their product or service is not the best value. CCPA has researched our vendor partners as well as their products/services to make sure that our customers get the most out of every dollar spent.
  5. Can you give me an example of a product or service that I am currently buying?
    • A good example of this would be toilet paper. Toilet paper comes in many different case sizes, thicknesses, sheet sizes and quality levels. Simply comparing cost and selecting the lowest price does not provide you with the best value. We look at all of the above variables in order to provide you with a quality product that will save you money.
  6. Is there a membership fee to join CCPA?
    • No. We have done everything we can to eliminate any potential barriers to child care centers being able to benefit from our program. Our goal is to provide you with quality products at very competitive prices without any extra fees or charges.
  7. Do I have to purchase all of the services or can I pick and choose?
    • The Child Care Purchasing Alliance is your program and you can use as many of the offerings as you want. You can purchase a single case of toilet paper or use our full menu of services.
  8. How do I get started?
    • Start by checking out all of our awesome products and services in the green menu on the left side of each page. Click on any one of them, read about it, and click on the “contact us now” button at the bottom of any page. Complete the form and your purchasing consultant will call you within 24 hours to learn more about your center and explain how we can help.